When you are pregnant, it feels like one of the most crucial decisions of your life is upon you… that is deciding upon the name of your precious little bundle. Whether you have always known the name you wanted to call your baby, or you are coming up blank, it can be a tricky job to confirm a name for your child… someone that you haven’t met yet, and giving them something that they will have to answer to for the rest of their life… no pressure! I found I spent a lot of time going through baby name books, scrolling online, and having many conversations with my husband over lots of different names, agreeing on some and disagreeing on most!

My Dad passed away when I was eleven, and I always knew that if I had a baby boy I wanted to use his name – Keith – admittedly it’s not the coolest name in the world – but he was an adventurous, sporty man that did some extraordinary things in his short life, so I wanted his name as the middle name of my child so that they would always know they had a Poppa called Keith, even though they would never get to meet him – and maybe having that name would pass on some of my Dad’s adventurous spirit!

Before I had any children I always loved the name Connor. I think it is a nice, solid, strong name for a boy. I also think that most names starting with C went well with Keith. As much as I looked at boy names throughout all of my pregnancies, I could never land on a name that I liked more than Connor. It’s also a name that Toby liked. He chose both the girls names so I got to choose Connor’s, and I love it. I don’t think he could be anything else.

Here’s a list of 10 of my favourite baby boy names that I won’t be using. I really liked them all, some more then others, and there were a few in there that Toby put the nix on straight away.

And just like that… Connor Keith Ballard existed ❤️

  1. Charlie : I love the name Charlie for a boy (not Charles, just Charlie). My Poppa (whose name was actually Vaughan), was called Charlie by his friends as well. I also think this name would go well for a girl.
  2. Beau : This was one of my favourite names. I love the alliteration with our last name, and I just think it’s a gorgeous name for a boy!
  3. Levon : I have a DVD of a concert called The Last Waltz by The Band, and on it is the singer Levon Helm. I love his voice, and I love his name (if you like music, you should find this concert – it’s iconic – Van Morrison performing Caravan is one of the best). There is also an Elton John song called Levon. One of the reasons we didn’t go with this name is because I thought that people would always wonder how to pronounce it… lee’von, la’vin, le’vin etc.
  4. Aiden : My beautiful Grandma used to think that one of the handsomest men on the planet was Aidan Quinn, and she loved his blue eyes. Ever since talking about him with my Grandma many moons ago, I’ve always liked the name Aiden (I would have spelt it with an E, unlike the actor who is with an A). It’s also an Irish name – and I have found that I like a lot of Irish names!
  5. Cooper : I really liked this name, I think nicknames for it would be cute, Coop, Coopy etc and for quite a period of time it was one of my top picks.
  6. Carter : Was at the top of our list for a bit, I was never 100% sold on it though, but it was my husbands favourite for quite some time.
  7. Cameron : This was always a name that I liked even pre-kids – it would also suit a girl as well. Cam. Cameron Keith. It all sounds really nice together.
  8. Cade : I came across this name reading a Norah Roberts book (yes, her books are a bit cheesy but I like them, and I also think her characters have lovely names in a lot of her books)! My husband was never on board with this one though, so it was never going to be a name for our son, but I really like it and I like the way it sounds.
  9. Ollie : I would use the full name Oliver but would always call them Ollie. I love this name but it is quite popular and I know quite a few people that have used it which is one of the reasons we didn’t go with it.
  10. Luca : Another name that I love the sound of when it’s spoken, but it is also another name that went through a period of being quite popular.

So that’s it, my list of top 10 baby boy names that I love but won’t be using. I have many, many more that I love and I have a list in my Notes app on my phone that I just kept adding to over the years. But the above were the 10 that I went back and forth on the most, but I could never settle on one that I loved as much as Connor, so Connor it is!

I hope you enjoyed this, and hopefully it might have given you some inspiration if you are out there looking for names for your baby boy! Good luck if you are, and my suggestion is keep your name to yourself until you have your baby, everyone has an opinion, when really your opinion is the only one that matters when it comes to the name of your child!



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