Connor is now nine and a half months old… and it’s just flown!

Our beautiful smiley boy

Height/weight : 9.22kgs, 73.5cm

Sleeping : Pretty good, I can’t complain really. He puts himself to sleep most of the time, has two naps during the day, and he has started sleeping through the night over the last couple of weeks which is amazing!  He was waking once and having a quick 10 minute feed then going back to sleep usually  around 3 or 4am. But he has stopped this now, and hopefully long may it last!! Maybe he knows Mummy is back at work now so he thought he better give me a break, haha. 

Eating/feeding : I am still breastfeeding him and that is still going well. He seems pretty content with it so I am happy to continue with it.  He has 3-4 feeds a day, and he was having the one in the early hours of the morning but has managed to drop that for now.  He has his bottom two teeth through now so will have to see how that goes! I’ve never fed a baby with teeth before as the girls both stopped around 8 months before they had teeth. He bit me once the other night and it was not pleasant! He is having three meals a day, usually mashed homemade food, and water out of a sippy cup. He will also eat some finger foods. He sometimes has snacks in between. His appetite has really amped up lately and he gets upset if he finishes his bowl of food before he is done and we’ve had to give him some more food to satisfy him. I think he is going through a growth spurt. 

Sizes : Size 0 clothes, although pants seem a bit short on him so will start moving him into size 1 soon. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and not having to have him bundled up in pants and socks all the time!  He is between size 3-4 Huggies nappies – depending which ones are on special!

Routine : 

  • 7am : wake, change nappy, breastfeed from one or both sides. 
  • 8am : breakfast, usually weetbix in milk with some fruit and water or porridge or mashed banana with yoghurt. 
  • 9/9.30am : change nappy, gets dressed and down for a nap. If he has only had one side for a milk feed I will give him the other side before his nap. If he had both sides at 7 he can just go straight down for his nap. 
  • 10/10.30am : Wake him, change nappy, then he has a play or we go out to the park or get some chores done. 
  • 12 noon : Has his lunch in his highchair. Homemade meat and vege (or with fish, salmon or chicken), with some fruit and water. Then some finger foods or some fruit in a silicone sucky thing. 
  • 12.20pm : Clean him up after lunch, I will get him in to some clean clothes if he is really messy or wet from his cup, give him a breastfeed depending how sleepy he is, then he is down for a nap. I’ve been trying to drop this milk feed but he still seems to need it. 
  • 2.30pm : Wake him if not woken on his own, change nappy and sometimes give him a top up milk feed if he seems hungry. Or he can have a snack of a yoghurt. 
  • 5.30/6pm : Dinner in his highchair. Usually a vegetable or meat and vege mash of some sort, or whatever we are eating mashed or cut up for him, then fruit for dessert if he needs it. He usually eats at the same time as us and we offer him some little finger foods of whatever we are eating, which usually just end up on the floor! 
  • 6.15pm : Bath with the girls, then cream, massage, pyjamas and brush his hair.  I also put him in to his sleeping bag. 
  • 6.30pm : I feed him in his nursery. Sing him a song or read him a book. Sometimes he falls asleep on me, and I can sit there for ages snuggling him, sometimes he doesn’t and I will put him down awake. 
  • 7pm : Down in his cot in his sleeping bag and asleep. 

Milestones / Changes :

  • He has learnt how to go from lying down to sitting up on his own. 
  • He rolls absolutely everywhere. He never seems to stay still anymore!
  • Not crawling but he can push himself backwards, he is also up on his hands and knees and making some small ‘steps’ with his hands so it’s not far off. I’m not rushing it either!!  He moves around enough with the rolling!
  • He says Dada and Mama, I still don’t think it is towards us exactly but he is definitely saying those words.
  • Has started waving bye bye by flapping his hands up and down. 
  • He will high five you if he is in the mood for it. 
  • He is really vocal now with a lot of babbling away. He also copies sounds he hears, if the girls are making loud noises he copies them, and if 4Spot barks he also copies that noise. 
  • He has his two bottom teeth up now, they are still not all the way out but making their way, they came up around 9 months on the dot. We can also see a small dot of one of his front upper teeth which has been there a while. 
  • Has started sleeping through the night which is amazing, and I hope I haven’t just jinxed it saying that!
  • He’s totally over the exersaucer now. Sometimes he will stay in it but more often then not he wants out and to move around. 
  • He can pull himself up on some things but not able to stand for any length of time. 
  • He likes playing ‘fetch’ with something and giving it back to you to throws again. 
  • He really enjoys all toys, hard cover books, and most things end up in his mouth. 
  • He is super inquisitive and in to opening drawers and doors and seeing what is there. 
  • He really likes 4Spot and seems to feed him his food. 
  • Can drink out of a cup with a lid on it, and also likes to try sip on straws and sometimes figures it out. Likes to play with his spoon but hasn’t quite figured out feeding himself. 
  • The biggest change is that I have gone back to work. I started back when he was 3 days over 8 months old. Working 4 days a week. He is being looked after at home by a lovely girl, and I am working from home so I can still feed him and see him throughout the day, and he has all his home comforts. He will start daycare in the new year when he turns one, but for now while he is this little, this is what is working for us. 

He is the happiest, most content little baby.  He hardly ever cries and if he does he stops as soon as he gets a cuddle. You can take him anywhere and he is pretty happy to chill (apart from night time if you want to go to a restaurant, not really much chill there)! He smiles freely at everyone and is pretty happy to go to anyone. He does get a bit overwhelmed in some situations (noisy, full on places etc) and can cling on to you in those sorts of scenarios, but I don’t mind the extra cuddles. He has so much love for his sisters, and they for him. He is a total charmer and charms most people that talk to him. I adore him. 

Nine months has just flown by. It’s funny that when you have a newborn, your world is consumed by things… everything – even third time around… are you making enough milk for them, are they sleeping enough/too much, is their reflux normal, surely they shouldn’t spit up that much milk, are they content, are they stimulated enough/too much… etc etc etc. The mind of a new mum never stops! Now at nine months, which in the big scheme of life is just a flash, everything has sorted itself out, he no longer spews after everything that goes in his mouth, he is sleeping good solid stretches at night, his day sleeps are fine, breastfeeding is still going well, he is the happiest little guy… and I wish I could have told myself this all back then, even though I already knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, I still spent way too much time worrying about things that would eventually get better.
So if you are a new Mum reading this… do try to relax, do try to soak it all in, if they wake 10 times in the night, it is all just a phase, one day they will sleep, one day you won’t have that burp cloth on your shoulder and your fourth new top on for the day, one day you will wonder why you spent so much time worrying about everything!  Just take a deep breath, and enjoy that baby, enjoy everything that comes with it. It is tough, it is so bloody tough, and it is such a cliche, but it really is the best job in the world. So just be in the moment, because it goes by far too fast, and one day Soon you will be a Mum like me looking back on it all wishing that it all wasn’t over so quick!! 


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