Well here we are, we made it to one year! It’s gone by way quicker then I would have liked, but at the same time looking back to when he was born it seems like a long time ago. So much has happened and changed over the last year, and it feels like Connor has always been with us, not just for one little ol year!

Here’s some pics of him at one year. It’s almost impossible to get him to stay still now, so these are the best of a whole bunch! Dani wanted to get in there with him too (Neve was at school).

Height/weight : I am not sure of this exactly, but he would be 10kgs + and his height is around 75 + cms.

Sleeping : Still has two naps a day. Usually ready around 9am for a sleep and will sleep anywhere from 1-1.5 hours. Then he is usually ready around 2.5 hours after he woke for his next sleep, where he sleeps again from 1-2 hours. He mostly sleeps through the night, apart from when he has been teething and then he wakes a few times. We also had a bad night with him a few nights ago where he was awake for a couple of hours not settling and upset, we found out it was a full moon and apparently that affects their sleep?! Anyone else ever experience this? He has been a bit trickier to get to sleep some nights and is needing to be cuddled to sleep, which is a double edged sword as I don’t want to create a habit where he needs this every night! I mostly try to put him down awake and let him settle himself. 

Eating/feeding : Three meals a day with some snacks. He seems to be preferring to feed himself these days, but then at other times gets a bit fussy about using his hands, although we still give him his own cooked food that has been roughly mashed though depending on what we are eating, just to make sure that he is getting enough food in – sometimes he wants this other times he doesn’t. He seems to like to eat what we eat. Drinking water out of his bottle (a camelbak bottle, not a baby bottle) and also a sippy cup. He loves pasta, cream cheese or peanut butter on toast, porridge and weetbix, bananas, cucumber, muesli bars, apple, watermelon, yoghurt – lots of different things really, but he can also be a little fussy sometimes depending on what type of mood he is in.
Since he has started daycare he has one bottle of full fat cows milk there. When he is home with me though I am still breastfeeding him around three times a day. This is the longest I have ever breastfed a baby, I didn’t have any preconceived notions about how long I would feed him, but I really didn’t think we would still be going strong at over one year! So I am really happy with how it has been going, but I have made the decision that by the end of February (I think) I will have weaned him off the boob – or at least be in the process of cutting it right back. I feel reluctant to do it, it’s sort of the last part of the whole baby journey and I think that’s why I am clinging to it. I also love the bond it has given us (I know you can get that without breastfeeding as well), and the quiet time I get with him. I never thought I would have felt this about breastfeeding, but I have to admit it’s going to be a bit of an emotional struggle with myself to say goodbye to it. I will see how we go, he seems to still need it and want it, but he is also happy taking a bottle of milk. It will free up bedtimes and Toby will be able to put him to sleep which he really wants to do – so I know there are lots of pluses to giving it up, but it’s taking me a while to come to terms with it..! Has anyone else struggled with stopping breastfeeding?

Sizes : Mostly in size 1 clothes now, although some size 0 still fit. Size 4 Huggies nappies. 


  • 6-7am : Usually wakes between these times although the last little while he has been waking at 5 and 5.30am – so painful!!  I can deal with midnight wakings, but the 5am wakings just puts me out for the whole day. Hopefully he goes back to his normal wake time soon. He will come in to our bed and I give him a feed. Then he is usually up and Toby gives him his breakfast.
  • 6.45am : Nappy change, dressed, teeth brushed, face washed, hair brushed (this is later in the morning if not a daycare day).
  • 7.15am : Leaves with Toby and Dani for daycare (Tues – Fri), otherwise if at home he just hangs out around home playing. 
  • 9am : Usually ready for his morning nap which can be for around 1-1.5 hours. 
  • 10/10.30am : Wakes, nappy change and has some morning tea – yoghurt or some fruit or finger foods. Then just play time.
  • 12 noon : Usually has lunch around now and we eat together (if he is at daycare I know they eat lunch earlier then this and then he has a bottle of cows milk after his lunch). If at home he has his lunch, and then I will clean him up and depending on how much he ate I will feed him before his nap, or when he wakes up if he seems pretty full. 
  • 1pm : He will be ready to go down for a nap. This will be anywhere from 1-2 hours. 
  • 3pm : Wakes, nappy change and a snack. 
  • 6pm : Dinner time. He is usually pretty cranky by now since starting daycare and dinner can be a bit hit and miss. He is sitting with us at the table now in his Mocka highchair. He seems to prefer eating what we are eating, but isn’t that keen on getting messy and hands us his spoon to feed him. He also gets fussy on who he will “allow” to feed him, sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s Toby, sometimes it’s one of the girls – or he changes his mind midway through and wants someone else to do it!
  • 6.30pm : Bath with the girls, brush teeth, then cream, pyjamas and brush his hair.  
  • 7.00pm : I feed him in his nursery. Then put him down in his cot, more often then not still awake. 
  • 7.30pm : Some nights he falls asleep just fine, and others he has been crying a lot and ends up with Toby in there with him until he is asleep.

Milestones / Changes :

So much has changed with him lately. I am writing this at 1 year / 2 weeks and he is doing so much! 

  • He is still crawling, but is coasting around furniture, he will let go and move from table to couch etc. Isn’t walking yet but he keeps showing us that he is near it, as he stands and takes a few tiny steps then sits down!
  • As above, he is standing on his own and without holding on to anything. 
  • He will walk with a little wooden trolley that we have, and also if you are holding his hands. 
  • Speaking : he says some words like Mamma, Dadda, ball, hi, bye, it sounds like ‘more’ sometimes, ya, and uh oh. He babbles away a lot. 
  • He gives big kisses when you ask for them, and smacks his lips together when imitating a kiss. 
  • When he wants more of something like food he uses his hands in an open and closed gesture and says ‘more’.
  • It feels like he is almost hugging back sometimes and I love it. 
  • He has started daycare and has settled in so well, I am so proud of him. He goes Tuesday to Friday and has pretty long days there from 7.30am – 4.30pm but has taken to it like an absolute champ, they all adore him there as well, he is a complete charmer. Dani is at the same daycare so that is lovely that he gets to see her throughout the day. 
  • He is sitting in a Mocka high chair at the table with us now. 
  • He loves swimming at the beach, and playing in the sand. He doesn’t like the texture of grass. 
  • Loves the bath and splashing around there. 
  • Seems to be getting over his dislike of trampolines and balloons. 
  • He has four teeth on the top which all came through at the same time around Christmas which was rough, and his bottom two – so six altogether. 
  • Is drinking a bottle of cows milk around 140ml or so on his days at daycare, otherwise I am still breastfeeding him. 
  • He loves playing with balls and pushing cars around. Also banging things and shaking noisy things.
  • He can climb up and down stairs (although it makes me very nervous)!
  • He loves climbing on top of anything! Is very quick with his crawling, his legs always seem to have bruises on them from all the mischief he gets up to!
  • He has definitely developed a strong personality and is quite emphatic when he wants you to know if he wants or doesn’t want something!
  • He is still a very happy, chilled out little guy. Very easy to soothe if he is upset (which is only really ever if he hurts himself, is tired or hungry – other then that he really isn’t fussy). Is very free in his smiles to people although will cuddle in to you and hide his face but peeks out quickly and smiles. 
  • Eyes look to be a very dark brown.
  • He is really playing with the girls now and loves getting involved in things with them. I love watching their individual relationships grow, both the girls adore him, and they both have different bonds with him which I think is so special for him to grow up with.

I know I have said it so many times, but the year has just flown by. It makes me so sad that he isn’t my tiny little baby any more, but I also don’t like it when people say “I don’t want them to grow up”, (because what’s the alternative?!) of course I want him to grow, and I am excited to watch him, to hear his little voice when he starts chatting away, and seeing all the exciting things that he is going to do. But he is our last baby, and I am really sad that it is all over – I didn’t think I would feel like this to be honest! I thought that I would get to that point where it was all like “thank god we don’t have to do all that again”, but it hasn’t come yet – so I think that I am just going to be the type of person that will always yearn for the pregnancy/baby stage and be clucky, feeling your little baby kicking away in your tummy, all the newborn days when you are just glued to them and they are snuggled up on you. I love it all. But that chapter of our lives is over, and now it’s time to enjoy these three gorgeous, healthy, busy little kids that we have been blessed with.  We have been pretty lucky to have had babies that have all been relatively ‘easy’ – don’t get me wrong, some days/ nights were pretty bloody tough (and still are), but for the most part they have been good sleepers and I think that makes a huge difference – and Connor is exactly the same. I have two little nieces or nephews due to be born in a few months (twins! Excitement levels are high) so I have those babies to look forward to squishing and cuddling and enjoying and will get my fill of them!!

Connor is just an absolute joy to be around, he is cuddly, funny, inquisitive, happy, calm, playful, gentle, and laughs so easily. I think he is perfect! I’m excited to see what he does over the next year, they change so much and so quickly – it’s a wild ride and I’m enjoying every moment of it with these three babies of mine.



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