Seven months and I feel like we are now on the very fast slippery slide towards Connor’s first birthday!

Not much has changed since he was six months old really, apart from him eating more regularly and moving on to some slightly more textured food, and now being in his own room.

It’s three weeks today until I go back to work four days a week, and I am going to miss my beautiful little boy so much when that happens, so the next three weeks are going to be spent pretty much being a hermit at home and soaking in all his babyness!

Height/weight : I haven’t had him officially weighed again since last time, but I did weigh him on our home scales (fully dressed, wearing a nappy and in his Woolbabe Sleeping Bag) and he was 9.7kgs so I would say he is a little under that / unsure of his length as haven’t had him measured since last month.

Sleeping : His day sleeps are going well. He is having 2-3 naps a day at a total of around 3-3.5 hours all up. Night sleep hasn’t been that great. He has been waking throughout the night since we moved him in to his own room and he won’t settle on his own. I’ve been trying not to feed him as I know he isn’t hungry. But some nights for the sake of getting a few hours sleep, and not waking up the entire household I have been bringing him in to bed with me and feeding him when he stirs. I have read that there is a 7 month sleep regression and I am hoping that this is what this is and it will all settle sooner rather than later, as it is going to get more difficult once I am back at work with the sleep deprivation. I don’t want to give him bad sleep associations, but at the moment, it’s the only way to get some sleep!! Although in saying that, being baby number three, no sleep almost feels like the norm now! 

Eating/feeding : He is having three meals a day, as well as around 4 or 5 breastfeeds (some days more, some days less – and then he has feeds when he wakes at night). He is a good eater, although is not yet that keen on food that has too much texture but I am trying to introduce it more. He still seems to prefer purées, and likes most things that he has tried. His favourite so far has been leek, kumara and pea, red split lentils, chicken, cauliflower cheese, he likes all root veges, he also likes all fruit purées (I cook all his food out of a cookbook that is really good for weaning your baby by Annabel Karmel). He has mostly been on homemade food although has tried a couple of pouches of fruit purees. He has tried some finger foods but hasn’t shown that much interest, he does like cruskits though! He is also more interested in trying to hold his own spoon and can get it in to his own mouth. He previously didn’t like food unless it was warm, but now he will eat something that is room temp or cold, and he also now eats banana!

My favourite weaning book, lots of helpful info and good recipes from first tastes right through to family friendly meals

Breastfeeding is still going well, although he can get so distracted, especially if the girls are around, so I have to try and get him when he has just woken up or go and sit in his nursery where it is quiet. The TV or sound on my phone even distracts him, he is a little nosey parker!  The girls both finished breastfeeding when they were 8 months, and at this stage I definitely think Connor will go longer.

All kids are so different, Neve preferred being spoon fed, Dani preferred feeding herself and finger foods etc, Connor at the moment seems to prefer being spoon fed. Eventually (hopefully) he will be eating what we eat modified for him (no salt etc) but at the moment I’m happy for him to have his own food purées. 

Sizes : He is in size 3 Huggies nappies and size 0 clothes, some of his 3-6 months stuff he can squeeze in to, but definitely mostly in size 0. 

Routine : His routine is still pretty much the same, Monday to Friday I try to fit in with the below as it works well for school drop offs and pick ups. However weekends I sort of just let him sleep for however long he needs to – but generally after around 2 hours of being awake he starts getting fed up and is ready for sleep, and I do try to keep to the max 3.5 hours of day sleeps.

  • 7am : wake, change nappy, breastfeed (some days awake at 7.30 depending what time he woke i.e. if he woke around 5 he will sleep a little later.
  • 9.10am : breakfast in his high chair (sometimes I feed him before school drop off, but usually when we get back), usually weetbix with milk and fruit purée stirred through. Also drinks water out of a sippy cup.  Clean him up and clean up after brekkie. 
  • 9.30am : change nappy and down for a nap. It’s been a bit sunnier lately so I have been going for a walk around this time and he has had his morning nap in his buggy.
  • 10.30am : I wake him up if he hasn’t woken on his own, change nappy. Then he has a play with his toys on a foam mat that I have bought him, he is rolling around all over it and moving from toy to toy. Or he plays in his exersaucer. 
  • 11am : if he seems hungry I will offer him a milk feed. 
  • 11.30am/12 noon : has his lunch in his highchair. Homemade purée which is usually veges mixed with a protein like fish, salmon, beef or chicken and he follows that with a fruit purée and has some water from his cup. 
  • 12.20pm : clean him up after lunch, I will get him in to some clean clothes if he hasn’t already been dressed, then he is down for a nap. If he didn’t have a milk feed before lunch I will give him a little top up now. 
  • 2.15/2.30pm : wake him if not woken on his own, change nappy and give a milk feed.  Then we go and pick Neve up from school. 
  • 4.30pm : sometimes goes down for a short nap, or has a little catnap on me if he seems super tired, he still seems to need this one to get him through to bed time but has skipped it every now and then.
  • 5pm : dinner in his highchair which his Dad usually feeds him. Usually a vegetable purée. Then around 5.30/6ish we all sit down and have dinner and he has a fruit purée for his dessert, and some little bits of our dinner or a cruskit or something to try and encourage him to like finger foods, while we eat.
  • 6.15pm : bath with the girls, then cream, massage and pyjamas. 
  • 6.30pm : I feed him in his nursery. He has been falling asleep while feeding lately and going to bed asleep. So I am going to start trying to keep him awake before bed (like he was doing previously) and see if that helps him settle back to sleep when he wakes later. Although to be honest this is one of my favourite times of the whole day when he is completely satisfied, clean, warm and cosy and cuddled up in to my neck sound asleep and a heavy weight in my arms. It’s difficult to put him down to sleep some nights, I could sit like that for hours!
  • 7pm : down in his cot in his sleeping bag and asleep. 
  • He has for the last couple of weeks been waking around 10pm, then 2am and sometimes around 4 or 5am. I have been feeding him back to sleep, but the last few nights I have tried not feeding him, he has just needed a cuddle and gone back to sleep but only if he comes in to our bed or me in the spare bed in his room. I am going back to work in a few weeks and hoping we can get him sleeping better through the night before then!
  • There have been a few nights where he has gone through from 7pm to 4am and that has been amazing and I can easily deal with that one wake up, it’s the multiple wake ups that are a killer!!

Milestones / Changes: 

  • He is now full time in his own cot in his nursery.
  • He no longer needs to be swaddled and sleeps in his Woolbabe Sleeping Bag.
  • He can sit much better on his own, although I am still not confident to fully leave his side, or without pillows around him. 
  • He is making way more sounds, he made one that sounded like ‘dada’ the other day, no doubt his first word will be daddy! He also seems to copy the girls when they make loud noises. He babbles away to himself.
  • He has started sitting in the bath and we don’t usually use the bath cradle anymore. He adores bath time and sits there constantly splashing or kicking away, the bigger the splashes the better!
  • He rolls a lot now from front to back and back to front. 
  • He hasn’t started crawling yet, but he can move himself around a lot with rolling or using his arms to move himself around in circular directions. 
  • He can pass toys between his hands. 
  • Still no teeth. 
  • His hair is growing, I think it is going to be a mousey blonde. 
  • Eyes definitely seem a very dark brown, possibly dark hazel, they seem to change a bit!
  • Reflux has all but disappeared apart from a few spills but they are few and far between. 
  • He is still very smiley at everyone and doesn’t seem to have developed stranger danger yet!
  • He has started to develop separation anxiety from me though and gets very upset if he sees me leaving the room or moving away from him.
  • Going out with him he can now sit in high chairs if we are at a restaurant and he will happily sit there with a toy or something to play with. He really is a baby that you can pretty much take anywhere with you. 

Everything is going really well, and I just adore the little guy to pieces, I couldn’t have wished for a better baby. He has a beautiful relationship with his sisters, and he just sort of coasts along with us all and fits in perfectly. I don’t want this little baby journey with him to end, but at the same time I am absolutely loving watching him grow and change and learn new things. They really are little miracles. 


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