I can’t believe we are here already. Half a year since Connor has been in this world, it is incredible how it feels like we have known him forever, yet at the same time it feels like yesterday that he was in my tummy and we were impatiently awaiting his arrival. 

Here he is at six months :

He is such a lovely little dude. After starting out his life being quite a demanding baby (in the fact that he loved to be held and absolutely hated to be put down), he is now so settled and chilled. He is the type of baby that you can really take anywhere with you and he is happy. Very easy to settle, usually only making a fuss if he is hungry or tired and as soon as he gets what he needs in either sleep or milk then he is back to being content. He is my little shadow and if I ever have any time where I am not with him it really feels like I am missing a limb! His relationship with his sisters is beautiful, he adores them and has a good bond with them both. He is still incredibly smiley to complete strangers and gives his smiles out freely which earns him a lot of attention when he is out and about!  He has just slotted in to our family perfectly, and I really can’t even picture what our life was like before he came here!

Height/weight : 8.5kgs / 67.5cm

Sleeping : 6/7am : Wakes for the day. 

9am : First nap of the day for around an hour. 

12noon : Second nap of the day for 2 1/4 hours. 

4.30pm : 20 – 30 minute nap. Some days he skips this nap but then is very tired and we need to bring his bedtime forward a little earlier. 

7pm : Bedtime. 

He sleeps pretty consistently for his day naps and bedtime. He is still waking through the night between 2-3 times. He settles back to sleep quickly though, but it is a little frustrating as I know he isn’t hungry, he just needs settling so hopefully when he moves in to his own room he might learn to self settle a little easier without me right next to him reacting to him when he stirs. He is still sleeping in his Love to Dream swaddle and still in his bassinet. Although we have started him on daysleeps in his cot and I am also starting him with his arms unwrapped in his swaddle. He settles himself to sleep for his naps and bedtime without fuss. 

Eating/feeding : The biggest change since his last update is that he is now regularly eating meals. Most days he has breakfast, lunch and dinner. He seems to like his food, the only thing he doesn’t seem keen on at the moment is banana which is interesting as I had a huge banana aversion while pregnant (I normally really like it). He also doesn’t seem to like cold food – he only really likes it when it has been heated. We will be starting to give him some more finger foods and will be doing a combination of purées and baby led weaning. I am still breastfeeding, but he is definitely cutting back on the amount that he takes. He is quite distracted now and seems to be more of a ‘snacker’, apart from if he is sleepy or just woken then he takes a really good feed. He pulls off and on as is too interested in all that is going on around him – which is a lot with two other young children in the house!  He has a feed around 7am, 11am, 2.15, and then his bedtime one around 6.30, and then sometimes one around 10 or 11 if he wakes and again in the early hours of the morning. If he seems hungry at other times throughout the day then I will offer him a feed as well.

Sizes : He is still in Size 2 Huggies nappies but he has definitely outgrown them, the only reason he is still in this size is that we have a heap of them that I am trying to use up as I don’t want to waste them!  They still just fit him but he should be in size 3 which he will be going in to as soon as I finish up with the ones I have. Clothing he is moving in to his 6 month / size 0 clothes. Still fitting some of his 3-6 month clothes  though depending on the brand. 

Routine : His routine hasn’t changed that much. If we are out and about obviously it goes out the window, but weekdays that we are home it is as below – and weekends follow a similar structure although a bit more relaxed or later as sometimes he sleeps a little later on the weekends:

  • 6/7am : Wake, change nappy, breastfeed. 
  • 7.30am : He has breakfast in his high chair, usually a homemade fruit purée and some water from his sippy cup. Then he hangs out in his exersaucer while I get Neve ready for school and myself ready. 
  • 9am : Back from the school run, change his nappy and settle in his cot in his nursery. 
  • 10am : I wake him up if he hasn’t woken on his own, change nappy and get him dressed. Then he has a play either on his mat or in his exersaucer, or we go and get some chores done / supermarket shop completed. 
  • 11am : Has a milk feed. 
  • 11.30am : Has his lunch in his high chair. Usually a homemade vegetable or fruit puree (or both mixed together) with some water from his cup. 
  • 12 noon : Clean him up after lunch, change his nappy and settle in his cot in his nursery for his lunchtime nap. 
  • 2.15pm : Wake him if not woken on his own, change nappy and give a milk feed top up. Then we go and pick Neve up from school. 
  • 4.30pm : if he didn’t have the best sleep at his lunchtime nap, or depending on how tired he is, then he sometimes goes down at 4.30 for a quick little 20-30 minute nap just to get him through until bedtime. He does really need this sleep still as otherwise he gets super tired. But some days he misses it or refuses it depending on what’s going on. 
  • 5pm : Wake him by 5. He then has his dinner in his high chair. Once again usually a homemade vege purée, we have just introduced chicken and will be adding in meats now. We then eat our dinner with the girls and he has his dessert (homemade fruit purée) while we eat dinner, and sometimes sucks on a rusk. 
  • 6pm : Bath, then cream, massage and pyjamas. 
  • 6.30pm : I’ve started reading him a little book before bed. He likes ones that have different textures and things to look at and feel, like the “That’s Not My…” books. Then he is given his bedtime feed in our room with the lights dimmed. 
  • 7pm : Settled in his bassinet and he is asleep pretty quickly. 
  • 10pm : He usually wakes himself around this time (I don’t wake him for a dreamfeed any more, if he doesn’t wake I leave him asleep until he wakes at whatever time). 
  • If he doesn’t wake at 10, he will normally wake around 1ish and has a quick feed then back to sleep and sometimes then wakes again around 5ish, quick feed then back to sleep until 6/7 – I find the 5 o’clock wake up the worst!
  • If he does wake at 10, then after that he normally gets through until around 3ish before waking again and has a quick feed then back to sleep until he wakes in the morning. 
  • Then the day starts all over again around 6 or 7am!! 
  • (Dani’s not mentioned in the above routine because she heads off to daycare at 7.30am with Toby and he picks her up at 4pm). 

Milestones / Changes: 

  • He has started to be able to sit, he needs props around him, although he can sit on his own for a few seconds before toppling over. 
  • Still no teeth although I am convinced he is teething as he is a bit droolly and everything goes in his mouth, he bites down pretty hard on things as well and the other week started biting me when he was feeding.  But that was only for a couple of days and has now stopped thank god  because that was not nice!
  • He hardly has reflux anymore, although every now and then he still has a little spill but nothing too major. 
  • He loves playing with toys, turning things around in his hands and looking at them, and everything goes in his mouth. He loves anything that makes a crinkling noise, especially packets of wipes!
  • He is reaching out for everything now, touching your face (which I love) and trying to grab anything you are holding, or that is on the table in front of him. 
  • He is preferring to try and sit in the bath, so I am thinking about getting him a bath seat, we’ve never had one of these – are they worth it?
  • He is now eating 3 solid meals a day plus a dessert of fruit purées most days. We will be giving him finger foods more often going forward and also adding more texture to his purées. He seems to really like his food so that is good.
  • He’s now facing forward in his buggy. 
  • Eye colour looks to be brown or possibly hazel. 
  • Hair is growing and has a blonde look to it but also some parts are getting darker. 

I feel like we are in a good spot with the kids at the moment. It is complete chaos sometimes, and some days it feels completely overwhelming, but Connor is in a pretty regular routine so we know what to expect and he is so chilled out that he really makes everything pretty easy, and because he is so happy, when he does have some rougher nights and waking more often, I find it a bit easier to deal with. I’m beginning to feel a bit more like myself, although some days I am still a Mum Zombie depending on how many times he wakes (every now and then we still have some nights where I feel like we have a newborn in the house). 

I have only 7 more weeks left with him before I go back to work – writing that sentence made my heart break a little bit, but at the same time I am also looking forward to going back to my job and using my brain and having some adult conversation throughout the day. We are fortunate enough to be able to have sorted out a childcare arrangement so that he is still going to be at home and I will be working from home, so although I will be working, I will still have him near me until he turns one and starts daycare like his sisters did. So I am going to spend the next seven weeks absolutely showering him with every ounce of love and attention that I have, and enjoy every single moment with him. I feel like these six months have just passed by so quickly. My little sleepy newborn is a thing of the past, and I can see that we are going to have a busy, inquisitive little mover on our hands before we know it! 



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