I can’t believe that Connor is now 3 months old (well he will be in 3 days) – it seems like I have blinked and we are here! The last 3 months really do seem to have flown by, but at the same time it feels as if we have never not had him in our lives. He has fit in to our family perfectly.

He is a real cuddle addict and likes to spend most of his days being held by someone, as long as he is full and cuddled then he is a very content little baby. If you put him down on a bouncer or playmat, well, that is a different story, it doesn’t last long – he ain’t having much of that! In someone’s arms is where he wants to be.

I should preface this blog by saying that the below routine mentioned is not every day. This is what a good day looks like and if we are at home all day and everything going to plan. If we leave the house and are out and about his routine goes out the window, in all but his night time routine which I like to stick to most, if not every night.

Here’s what Connor looks like at 3 months. He has definitely grown out of the newborn phase, I think he looks quite similar to his sister Neve when she was the same age (although less hair 🙂 ).

Height/weight : He hasn’t been weighed or measured since his 10 week Plunket visit, and at that point he was around 6.2kgs and 62cm.

Sleeping : His sleep is definitely more predictable. He has about 3-4 naps in the day that are anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. His sleep at night is definitely better. He has recently come down to waking once which is lovely. I don’t want to jinx it though – I bet this will change as soon as I publish this post! We have also still had nights where he will wake and then not want to go back to sleep or be super spilly with his milk and result in PJ changes for both of us and him being more awake and not wanting to go back to sleep. Generally he will wake between 6-7am, then have a nap around 9am, 12.30pm, 3.30pm then sometimes a little catnap around 5 then bedtime between 7.30-8. He sleeps on his back in his bassinet wrapped up in his Mum2Mum Dream Swaddle, and his bassinet is still in our room next to our bed. I have tried doing a dreamfeed a couple of times, the first time I did it he slept through until morning and it was amazing and quite a shock! However since then it has been a bit hit and miss and he sometimes seems to have a more unsettled night so I am giving the dreamfeeds a miss for now. 

Wrapped up for the night in his bassinet & Mum2Mum Dream Swaddle

Eating/feeding : He is still exclusively breastfed. He hasn’t taken a bottle yet but we haven’t tried. I have been quite happy to keep him on the boob for now, my other two babies had both taken bottles at this age (as well as still being breastfed), but since this is absolutely the last time I will be having a baby, and the feeding seems to be going really well, I am quite happy to keep at it. I have expressed a few times and have 4 bottles in the freezer but will save those for a later time. I will try him on a bottle at some point though as it will be nice for the girls to be able to give him a feed every now and then as well as Toby, but I am reluctant as when Dani was introduced to a bottle she quickly came to prefer that then the breast and at 4 months old she became extremely fussy to breastfeed. Whereas Neve happily went between a bottle and breast until she weaned herself from the breast at 8 months. So we will see how we go! He goes between 2-4 hourly during the day, most often around 2 hours, and has slightly longer stretches at night now. 

Sizes : He is in size 2 huggies nappies and in mostly 0-3 month clothes still but they are getting a little snug now and stretching out on his chest from the neck. I have put him in some 3-6 month clothes which comfortably fit him so will be switching his clothes over some time soon. 

Routine : As I mentioned above, the below routine is on a ‘perfect’ day when the girls are at daycare and we don’t leave the house. On other days it can be a bit all over the place and he will sleep whenever it happens!  He still prefers to sleep in the boba wrap and/or on me, and at times I feel like I have been wearing a baby for 24 hours – but it is the only way to have hands free sometimes. Can be a little frustrating, especially when I feel like I have a million other things to do, but sometimes you just have to give in and relax if it means the baby will sleep!

He will sleep better/longer if he is with someone or in the wrap, but he will take his naps in his bassinet if you persevere with it. Sometimes he will wake up when put down and you have to pick him up and coerce him in to sleep again!  This is what a good day would look like and I do try to stick to it – but at the same time, he is still so little that I really let him lead the way with how he wants the day to go!

6 – 7 am : wake and change nappy, have a bit of a cuddle then a feed. If it’s the weekend I will feed him in our bed, or if a daycare day I will go out to the lounge and feed him out there while the girls are having breakfast (Toby gets them ready Tuesday – Friday, very lucky to have a very hands on Dad for a husband)! Then a good burping where he usually spews back up a heap of milk, ergh! 

8.30 – 9am : he will fall back asleep usually while being fed again and then I will sometimes let him just take a nap on me as this is generally a shorter nap but can range from about 45minutes to 1.5 hours. (Some days I put him in the stroller and go for a 45 minute walk with him and our dog 4Spot and he will have a little nap in the stroller). 

11am : another feed and burp then will change his nappy and get him dressed for the day. He is quite awake now that he is 3 months and needing a bit more stimulation, so will have a bit of a play (by this I mean sitting on my lap chatting, tickling and laughing), I try him on his playmat but he isn’t that interested in it yet, and also try him with some toys but also not that interested in those yet. I will also put him on his bouncer or nuna leaf or in the wrap and can get some chores done. 

12.30pm : change nappy, another feed, and he will either fall asleep while feeding or will rock him to sleep and try to get him to sleep in his bassinet. This tends to be his longest sleep of around 1.5-2 hours. Sometimes he wakes up after 45 minutes but I will pick him up and rock him back to sleep so that he gets his 2 hours. 

2.30pm : nappy change and feed then awake time as before. 

3.30 – 4pm : he tends to be a bit sleepy again and I can rock him to sleep and he has a shorter sleep of around 30 – 45 minutes. 

Once he wakes from the above sleep the night time routine/chaos has started with our daughters as well so it is all a bit hectic. I generally don’t like him sleeping past 5pm. I will try to start cooking dinner around 4.45. I give him a little top up feed sometimes before dinner and try to get him to sit in his bouncer while we eat dinner around 5.45/6. Sometimes he is happy to sit there and sometimes not!

6.30pm : bath time – sometimes with his sisters but mostly on his own. He loves the bath (we use the brand ‘Teeny Weeny’ bath cradle) and he takes his bath in our big bath. Then a little massage with almond oil or aveeno baby moisturiser, and in to his singlet and pyjamas and a little brush of his hair. 

7pm : I will take him in to our bedroom, wrap him up in his Mum2Mum Dream Swaddle and he takes a long feed and generally will fall asleep on the boob. I will hum him songs while he is feeding. I give him a cuddle and a burping then put him down in his bassinet. 

7.30/8pm : usually asleep!

He will then wake around 1.30am and take a feed, usually both sides and falls asleep on the second side, I put him back down in his bassinet and he goes through until morning (on a good night – other nights he can wake up 2-3 times and sometimes take a while to resettle)!

Then we restart the whole routine over again!! 

Milestones : 

He is really smiley which I love. He has the cutest smile in the world! He smiles at different people and he absolutely loves his sisters faces and they get the smiles the easiest from him. 

He started making small squeaking sort of noises around 9 weeks however now at 12 weeks he is making more “giggling” noises, not a full on laugh yet but very cute little giggle sounds, I think he surprises himself sometimes and it is gorgeous! 

He is still very spilly/spewy. He hasn’t really improved from the early days and I don’t think he has worsened. He doesn’t seem in pain with it, he just spills after every feed, and if lying down. Some days are worse then others. As long as he doesn’t seem in pain I am happy to see if he grows out of it – it is more just a nuisance with changes of clothes for both him and me and I feel like I live with a burp cloth on me at all times – and the moment I take it away he spews! 

He has definitely found his hands! He is sucking on them and putting them in his mouth, he stares at them as well wondering what the heck these things are on the ends of his arms!

He can grasp things but it doesn’t really seem intentional yet, more that he will hold on to something if you put it in his hands, but I have also seen him bat at a toy hanging on his play mat a couple of times. 

He really likes to ‘stand’ when you hold him, and seems to play a little game of standing and sitting and seems pretty pleased with himself – he is really strong in his legs! 

He has started trying to sit up when he is on his bouncer or lying back, and it looks like he is trying to do little ab crunches. 

His hair that he lost from the top of his head (he used to only want to sleep on his front when much younger, and it rubbed off on the end of the bassinet) is growing back in, I think it is going to be a similar colour to the girls as it is growing back in a blondish/mousey sort of colour. 

His eyes have definitely darkened and look to be going the hazel way like Toby and Dani. 

Some days I feel like I have this whole being a Mum of 3 kids thing under control and that I am winning at it, and others I feel like I have been hit by a whirlwind of little monsters and I have no idea what I am doing!! However, at risk of sounding like a cliche, I absolutely love it and I wouldn’t change it for the world – I mean, just look at that face!


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