I have always enjoyed reading and watching other people’s What I Ate Wednesdays, it’s always interesting to see what other people eat and get some inspiration from their meals. I am exclusively breastfeeding my 2 month old baby boy and it seems he is constantly hungry, so in return I feel like I am constantly hungry! I am not the healthiest person on the planet, nor am I a dietician or a nutritionist – this is just a usual day for me when at home.

Breakfast 8.15am

My little gorgeous smiley boy was my company this morning while I made a Hot Cross Bun with a slather of butter, a coffee with milk (we use a Nespresso machine and I like the fortissio lungo and envivo lungo capsules), along with a big bottle of water – super thirsty with the breastfeeding!

Morning Snack 11am

We went out and did a big grocery shop for our camping trip that we are going on tomorrow, and I was starving after so I had a royal gala apple chopped up with a teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter – so yummy together and gets me through until lunchtime! I also finished off my bottle of water from earlier in the day.

Lunch 1pm

For lunch I had a wholemeal wrap filled with two boiled eggs that I mashed and mixed with some mayonnaise, finely diced red onion, salt/pepper, and topped with some canned beetroot slices. I had some cherry tomatoes on the side. I also refilled my water bottle. This is one of my favourite lunches, really filling and super yum!

Afternoon Snack 2.40pm

I made some banana bread to take away with us camping (of course I had to taste test it), a slightly naughty version as I added a heap of white chocolate bits. You can’t beat white chocolate when it bakes as it sort of caramelises and has such a delicious flavour! I had another coffee with this – needed to make sure I have enough energy to get through the afternoon/nighttime routine with my three little ones! I also drank water (I try to drink at least 3 litres a day – my bottle is 900ml so if I drink 3 of these and then refill before bed I should get my 3+ litres in).

I’m no food stylist that’s for sure!

Dinner 6pm

For dinner tonight we had a quick and easy meal of tacos. Soft and hard shell – I like the hard shell and my husband likes the soft shell, and the girls like both so they have one of each! This dinner is a hit with our girls, we plonk everything on to a chopping board and they make their own, it is messy but they love it. I would normally make guacamole with this as well but at our local supermarket avocados are currently $5.49 for one and I ain’t forking that out for an avocado!! So we had to make do with sour cream and salsa. I’ve just used the Old El Paso Hard ‘n’ Soft Dinner Kit for this meal, so convenient. We are busy packing tonight for our holiday so a quick meal like this is perfect and one that the girls eat without any fuss. I also filled my water bottle again for the third time.

Dessert 9pm

Once we finished packing I finally sat down on the couch and had a raspberry herbal tea with two mini Easter eggs – yum. I also refilled my water bottle. Time to chill out and watch an episode of my guilty pleasure, Married at First Sight Australia, before heading off to bed for a couple hours sleep before the night time feeds begin!


Auckland, NZ