I am currently still breastfeeding my five month old baby, and as a result I feel hungry a lot of the time, apparently you burn up to 500 extra calories a day while breastfeeding (I’m clinging to that anyway)! I find I need to eat every few hours otherwise I end up ravenous. However now that I am five months post partum I am also trying to watch what I eat a little bit more. Due to breastfeeding I can’t really do too much in the way of cutting calories or doing anything too drastic, and I am useless at going on diets or anything like that, I love food to much. I also don’t like cutting out food groups as it just makes me want whatever I am cutting out! So portion control is really what I am aiming to focus on.

My weakness is definitely chocolate… while I was pregnant with Connor, I really couldn’t stomach chocolate or sweet stuff – the old wives tale of being pregnant with a boy and preferring savoury rang true for me, however now that he is no longer in my tummy, my love for chocolate has returned with a vengeance! So I’m well aware that the chocolate mentioned below isn’t going to help me in watching my weight, however I don’t have any vices at the moment other than chocolate and coffee, so I’m happy to let it go for now, haha.

I do think breastfeeding helps to keep the weight off and I know that with my previous two post partum experiences I definitely gained weight really quickly once I stopped breastfeeding around 8 months postpartum. So I am trying to be a bit sensible with my eating, and eat well most of the time, with treats allowed every now and then to satisfy my sweet tooth – life’s too short to spend it craving chocolate and not having any!

Breakfast 7.15am:

I’ve been in to smoothies and smoothie bowls at the moment. This one had banana, a handful of ice cubes, raw cacao powder, almond milk, chia seeds, some oats, some greek yoghurt, peanut butter and I topped it with some granola, chia seeds, flaxseeds and coconut. This is so yum and keeps me full until lunchtime. I also had a coffee before this and filled up my water bottle.

Lunch 12.15pm:

I normally have a sandwich or a wrap for my lunch, but I have been getting so bored of these lately so I am changing up my lunches a little bit. This is a small bowl of brown rice that you microwave for 40 seconds, topped with 100grams of salmon pan fried in a dry pan with crispy skin, a boiled egg, some broccoli that we had in the fridge that needed to be used and half an avocado – topped with black pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt. The yolk from the egg makes a sort of sauce and is delish! Nice and filling too.

Afternoon Snack 2pm:

I’ve been trying out these Booster Biscuit Mix biscuits that are supposed to help with your breast milk supply. I was buying something else from the breastmates website and saw these and thought I would give them a go. I don’t think there is anything wrong with my supply, but thought these wouldn’t hurt! I actually do think they have upped my supply a little bit and they are really yum, so all in all they were a success. The packet has oats, wholemeal flour, brown sugar, brewers yeast (which is the main ingredient that is supposed to help your milk I think), linseed, salt and baking powder in it. You add some butter (or coconut oil if you want them dairy free) and an egg, mix and shape in to little balls and bake for 15 minutes. I added some dark chocolate to these ones, and the pack I made before I put some dates in, both equally yum. I had these with my second coffee of the day and some pear that was left over from making Neve’s school lunches.

Dinner 5.20pm:

Dinner was a nice and easy meal. We get My Food Bag delivered every fortnight. I find it so convenient with not having to do a grocery shop, or think of what you are going to cook, the girls like most of the meals as well. Generally we have leftovers for a lunch the next day, so I think it is really cost effective too. We get the My Family Bag which is geared towards 2 adults and 2-3 young kids and you get groceries for 5 nights meals. Tonight’s dinner was Bacon Cauli Mac and Cheese. I cooked the whole packet of pasta (recipe called for 2/3rds) and ended up with a massive amount, so I have frozen half of it for a quick and easy meal another night. This was yum, and the girls devoured it, cauliflower and all. Toby was out at indoor cricket so it was just me home with the three kids. I cooked this at lunch time while Connor was napping and just heated it up in the oven at dinner time. Super easy!

I also had a chamomile tea and a couple of squares of dark chocolate at about 8.30pm but I forgot to take a pic of it. I know the chocolate at night is not a good idea, but after a long day, and getting three kids in to bed, it was well needed, haha. I also had 3.5 x 900ml bottles of water throughout the day – once again with breastfeeding I am always thirsty so I find it really easy to get the water in.

And that was it for the day, hope you enjoyed! I’ll finish off with a pic of Connor for good measure, the reason that I am always so hungry 🙂


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